Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday with the Pens Fatales....

Just for fun....

Throwback Thursday--Pics of the Pens

Lisa, LGC, Adrienne with pal Trish

Rachael, Juliet, LGC & Gigi at Rachael's Book Launch!!

LGC, Juliet, Me, Gigi and Rachael!! Book Launch

Cocktails after the Launch

Juliet, Rachael, & Sophie at LGC Bday party

Adrienne and Martha with pals Alicia Rasley & Trish Cetrone at LGC Bday

Juliet, LGC, Rachael & Adrienne at LGC Bday

Pal Cyndy Rymer with Lisa and Adrienne at LGC Bday 

Happy Throwback Thursday!!


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