Friday, March 27, 2009

Confessions of a Plant Killer

There is something about Spring that just compels me to go to the garden shop and buy plants. I think this is pretty normal. The urge is like some biological imperative, similar to a woman's ticking fertility clock, which is all good, except, I am a plant killer.

I don't mean to. I actually try really hard to care for them and nurture them and get flowers and food. But in the end, I kill them. My family actually makes fun of me because they know that the attempt will be futile. I pretty much gave up with indoor plants and bought some silk ones. Although according to feng shui experts, fake plants are not good for your chi. Sigh.

Still I'm compelled every Spring to buy some living plants, bring them home and stick them in the ground (with all the appropriate fertilizer, mulch, and tender care) or a pot (thank God for drip systems!). And sadly, once they've been transplanted to my garden the death process begins. If we ever have an apocolypse and have to grow our own food, I'm in trouble.

I've already hit my Home Depot once this week and I'm probably gonna go again this weekend.
So say a little prayer for my garden. Happy Spring!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Websites, Blogs, and Grogs, oh my!

Apparently continuing in the Wizard of Oz theme :)

I love the internet. I love technology. I love the new terminology. New words...what writer doesn't LOVE new words?

Blogs, grogs, twitter. New words spring up overnight like mushrooms in the loamy winter soil. One day underneath the tree a whole colony is just...there.

We were lucky enough to listen to the very popular, prolific and talented, Maya Banks ( speak this past weekend. I'm sure she would be thrilled to know her words inspired action among us.

Pumped up on excitement from her speech, a group of like-minded writers decided to take the plunge into the world of grogging. What is grogging? Group blogging.

So, Juliette Blackwell/Hailey Lind, Martha Flynn, Rachael Herron, Sophie Littlefield, Adrienne Miller, Gig Pandian, LGC Smith, and myself are coming to a blogosphere near you! Just as soon as we figure out our name....