Tuesday, March 16, 2010

inspiration of the very best kind

Today’s reality can be bleak--and four hundred pages of an imaginary world where everything turns out okay in the end is the perfect antidote to the constant barrage of bad news these days.

The mark of a truly gifted writer is the ability to draw you in so deeply to her world that you want to hop right in.

Years ago, I used to knit. It was more of a hobby I picked up. I knit some and then I stopped. I tend to be that way with crafts. I’ve had friends learn to knit and they tried to get me to get back into it. And I always demurred quietly, re-iterating that I didn’t have enough time, too busy with other projects, too whatever.

Last year at a local RWA meeting, I happen to sit at a table with a new member, Rachael Herron, who had just sold her first book, How To Knit A Love Song, to Avon.

In the past year, we've become friends. I’ve gotten to hang on her coattails through the adventures of publishing and actually seeing the book in a bookstore and it has been a very fun ride.

When I read Rachael’s book, her absolute love for her characters, her town, and knitting is communicated on every page. And suddenly, I HAD to knit. Seriously.

So a few days before Christmas, I went into a yarn shop, bought a pattern, needles and yarn and away I went. I’d forgotten how soothing the repetitive motion is and how much I love the multi-tasking aspect and how cool that at the end, I have something to wear. Run out and buy this book. I guarantee you’ll be knitting in a week. :) And you'll be anxiously awaiting book two in her Cypress Hollow Yarn series.

The pieces.

Now I just have to sew it together....