Saturday, January 30, 2010

san francisco rwa rocks!

why? because we have the best board ever.

and how do i know this? because i'm the secretary.

Martha Flynn and I at the first official board meeting of 2010

i can't begin to say enough about volunteering for your local writing group, whether it is sisters-in-crime, mwa, science fiction/fantasy (sorry, their exact name is escaping me at the moment!), scbwi, or pretty much the largest and most organized group, romance writers of america.

why? the connections (and although networking is great that is not the kind of connection i am talking about) and the friends that you make are immeasurable.

as a writer, you work in a vacuum. you can spend your days in isolation, tortured by the twisted meanderings of your own mind. it's easy to get lost in that world and forget the real one around you...until it's time to submit your work.

Trish Cetrone, Rachelle Chase, Sophie Littlefield, and Adrienne Miller

that's when the connections you make with other writers will come to save you. they encourage, commiserate, and celebrate right along with you in your journey to publication. whether you've already published or you are just starting, volunteering with your local organization gives you the opportunity to make connections that will sustain you through the bad and the good and the great.

i am so happy to call these women my friends. thanks for everything!

Monday, January 18, 2010

collaging for the visually un-artistic

it's a new year which means...a new collage. i love collaging. it's taken me awhile to get a handle on the process, i'm not visually artistic but i'm working on it. honestly, my collages are never going to be masterpieces but as long as they inspire me, i'm happy.

if you haven't ever done a collage. they're fun. it's even more fun when done in a group. our critique group gets together with colored paper, magazines, fun sparkly do-dads, foam letters and shapes, glitter writing pens. sometimes i have a theme in place. other times, i let my subconscious guide my color and picture choices and theme emerges later.

this year's theme is 'love to write'

which i do. go forth, get some craft supplies and go crazy. :)


Friday, January 8, 2010

chance to win free books

by posting your New Year's Resolutions, Intentions, Goals, Whatever over at

you could win a copy of BAD DAY FOR SORRY by Sophie Littlefield, SECONDHAND SPIRITS by Juliet Blackwell, a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card, and a book of your choice!

happy new year!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

failure to connect the dots

if I worked in the intelligence community, I would be frustrated with Obama's chastisement of their 'failure to connect the dots'.

the number of intelligence agencies and the amount of intel collected from all sources is staggering. In my most humble opinion, it's a freaking miracle that many plots are stopped.

kudos to all the people out there keeping us safe.


Monday, January 4, 2010

hiatus over

so my blogging hiatus is over...i'll be back later this week.

happy new year to all-may 2010 bring happiness and productivity :)