Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tuesday Tip #2

okay, so it isn't Tuesday, it's Wednesday. Sue me.

Want to increase your Omega-3 intake but either don't like or can't afford fish? Two words:

Walnut Oil.

One tablespoon has a gazillion percent of the daily recommended amount of Omega-3's without the cost or the mercury. Use it to saute some veggies or add to your salad or add to your protein shake.



Edittorrent said...

I mix walnut oil and rice wine vinegar, bit of garlic, bit of soy sauce, for a delicious salad dressing. Yummy stuff.


Lisa Hughey said...

That sounds fantastic. Equal parts vinegar and oil?

Jane George said...

Hey, thanks! I had no idea about walnut oil. Putting it on my shopping list!