Monday, January 10, 2011

breaking your resolutions....

so the first week of the New Year is over and of course, you've probably already broken at least one if not more than one resolution. what's next?

make it all over again. not next december 31st, but today. the secret to changing your life, assuming that you really, really want to change, is to recommit after you break a resolution. very few people have the willpower to stop (or start) anything cold turkey without slipping now and again. acknowledge the slip and give yourself permission to start over again.

it's amazing how much your life can change if you follow that one tiny bit of advice.

good luck!!!!


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Sophie Littlefield said...

well one of my resolutions was more sleep...and so far I'm about 50/50. I did get 7 hours last night which was GREAT, and i even remembered a tiny bit of a dream. Before that was one of those bed-by-1am nights and tonight looks like it might be the same. But yes, i'll rededicate!