Friday, August 21, 2009


It's Friday! The end of the week and the end of summer. School starts on Tuesday and I can't wait.

It's funny how much I long for summer, envisioning lazy days lounging by the pool, the sun sizzling along my skin, an ice cold glass of water at my fingertips and a steamy novel ready to be devoured.

USA, Oregon, Cannon beach

Maybe a weekend at the beach, listening to the sea gulls squawk and the tide crash along the sand, the screech of kids as they run from the cold (West Coast :)) ocean, the salt in the air, and later, the scent of burning wood from the raging bonfire and moonlight rippling on the water.

The idea of summer with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Except these days, that's a fantasy rather than reality. Instead it's swim practice, water polo practice, running practice, swim meets, water polo tournaments, movies, sleepovers, barbecues, shopping, and on and on and on.

The summer may just be more tiring than school because those lazy days (ha!) mean no set schedule and no time alone for me. I can't wait until school starts and I can sit down to write without being interrupted twenty times a day to drive someone somewhere....

Until about mid-May when I'll start longing for those lazy summer days once again. :)


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