Wednesday, August 5, 2009

spy wars

I'm reading a book right now, for research, called Spy Wars by tennant h. bagley.

In a nutshell: CIA, USSR, Cold War, spies, counterintelligence. Caveat...I'm only about halfway through. It's fascinating. Really. The twists and turns and sheer amount of mental logistics to develop 'lines' which are really fake stories with actors (spies) who memorize their stories and then go after the enemy (that would mostly be US, but not always) to ferret out what we know and what we think we know and what they can learn and how they can penetrate our counterintelligence....

it's like a really, really complicated thriller that when you finish...the reaction is NO WAY. Except, it's true.

apparently, truth is stranger (and frequently more complicated) than fiction.


ps. Fun note...I bought this at the CIA gift shop, yes, our nation's most top secret (at least known top secret)facility has a gift shop. I refrained from picking up a CIA coffee mug :)

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