Wednesday, May 20, 2009

food obsessions

why is it that diet change for the worse is easier than change for the better? i've decided its food chaos theory.

i'm trying to be healthier. of course, i hope this will lead to a loss of pounds as i really don't want to have to buy new clothes, but what i really want is to be healthy.

i've eliminated diet coke from my food choices. soda is bad for you, whether diet (aspartame--very bad chemical, my son will tell you it changes to a toxin when heated above 70 odd degrees) or regular (high fructose corn syrup is clearly from the devil according to every health advocate everywhere). but i like fizzy, so i now drink soda water.

there was an interesting study done recently about women and body image. the basic gist of the results that there was little correlation between how women felt about their body, what they were doing about it, and what was reality. many of the women were unhappy with their body image but unwilling to change their diet or their exercise habits. but the world doesn't work that way. you have to be committed to yourself. i think we try to change too much at once and then when we fail (eat whatever it is that we are trying to eliminate) we decided it's too hard and fall back into the easiness of chaos.

so, why obsession? i've figured out that i am not a moderation kinda girl. i either have it or i don't. i don't do well with the only one a week, because slowly that one a week turns into one a day and then one in the morning and one at night, and then what the hell, all day long....

so i'm trying to food at a time. :)


ps. one thing i don't like is that i used to take a break from working by going out to get a diet coke from the local fast food place...i miss that mini-break. i had a purpose but it was a quick jaunt and then i was back to work. somehow pouring a glass of tea from my fridge doesn't have the same feeling. oh, well....

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virnameyers said...

When I was at my law job, I would make excuses to get up and find chocolate. I'd eat them by the fistful. When I write, I usually am so engrossed in what I'm doing I wait until I'm starving to eat and then have to grab what's at hand. Neither are very healthy, but at least one is balanced by a passion for what I'm doing. Interesting about the body image study, but I suppose it makes sense. Weight has always been a yo-yo issue for me, whether I'm thin or not. -Virna