Friday, April 17, 2009

friday musings

I've got a lot of thoughts rambling around in my head right now so I figure I'll just babble...

not enough praying to the tax gods apparently because we owe lots of money. My husband has a job (in and of itself a good thing these days) which allows me to write so for that I am grateful. And I love what I do!

Ashton Kutcher beat out CNN for gathering one million Twitter followers first. I have nothing against AK but gosh what does it say about the future of our society when a single actor has more people wanting to know what he's thinking about than a global news organization?? On the other hand, isn't technology amazing?

the death of the newspaper. I am sad that lots of newspapers are going under but I confess that I don't read them. Too much information and not enough time. Plus every time I look at a paper, I think, a tree is gone--with the exception of picking up a New York Times when I travel because frankly that paper is the bomb.

US Editorial World Crisis

Happy Friday!

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