Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Computer viruses and egging houses

So April Fool's Day and there's a new computer virus in town. I don't get the whole, "let's create a computer virus that destroys millions of people's work because we hate the company that makes the software' thing. What is that about? Really. What is it about? What possible pride can you take in something that harms innocent people?

And yeah, the company has to scramble to get patches made and announcements out. But at the end of the day, who pays for the virus? The general public who has done nothing but buy the most common software on the planet.

It's a lot like egging houses. Which when I was in high school was the mean thing to do. But I never understood the reasoning behind it. What is the point? The parents are the ones who pay. Egging just makes a mess that has to be cleaned up, frequently not even by the person you're mad at in the first place.

Living Green

The only eggs I like to throw are plot eggs. I toss them at the wall of my manuscript and hope that my evil plan makes sense and I've created an interesting work and not a puddle of gooey yolks and sticky whites that needs to be washed down the drain or eaten by a virus. :)

My tip of the day. Back up your work!


Lisa said...

So my first attempt at using an image from the internet and not my own personal image and I end up with an ad. No idea why...please forgive the advertisement!

Sophie Littlefield said...

but i loved your image! i thought it was so cool the way you managed to have it in there with no frame. very nice.

someone egged our car once, in philadelphia. it ATE THE PAINT right off. That's so weird. Kind of...un-science-y.

Martha Flynn said...

This is why you egg cars. Some snotty high school senior might not lift a finger to clean their house - but they are going to wash the crap out of that freedom-mo-bile. And Sophie - the person was *supposed* to smear the car in vaseline, first. This is also a biatch to clean and keeps the paint thing from happening. You were dealing with amateurs. And let's not forget to tee-pee the vaseline/egg crusted car. Ok, I may have been a tad of a troublemaker as a kid.

Lisa said...

Hmmm. Memo to me, never piss Martha off :) :)