Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Night Owl Review of Archangel Rafe

I'm horribly behind on everything after 'the lost month' which is what I've dubbed November. I had the cold from hell that just would not die.

Anyway, I received an absolutely lovely review of Archangel Rafe from Night Owl Reviews and I wanted to post a link here.


Honestly, every time a reader comments on how much they can relate to Angelina, I want to fist pump in triumph. In an earlier post I wrote about how the publisher I initially wrote this book for wanted me to change Angelina into a twenty-something heroine. I did and they rejected the story again, and then I ultimately ended up changing her back to her original thirty something mom, ex-wife, daughter, sister, grand-daughter with a million responsibilities and no time for herself.

I am currently working on the next Archangel book, with a tentative release date in February. I'll keep you posted when I have an update.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!


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