Friday, September 27, 2013

Christmas Anthology Cover Reveal!

Some friends and I got together and wrote a Christmas Anthology. A group of short stories all around a central theme. Our theme was Christmas in the fictional town of Snow Creek. We had a blast. We have maps, and common characters who pop up in more than one story, and an annual Fezziwig Ball at the Mitten Inn.

And today we got our cover! Isn't it pretty??

Christmas, the most magical season, is almost upon the small mountain town of Snow Creek. For seven couples, holiday wishes mean more than just gifts or parties. Can Snow Creek pull off its annual holiday miracle of bringing love to town? 

Snow Creek, where love begins on Main Street and ends happily ever after....

The book will be released on October 20, 2013. The list price is $3.99 but for the first two weeks we are offering the ebook for $ 0.99

As they say in my hometown, buy early and often. ;) (Kidding!) But for real, this is a wonderful collection of heartwarming Christmas stories. I hope you enjoy!


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