Friday, August 31, 2012

Artifact by Gigi Pandian

My pal Gigi has a book out this week. ARTIFACT.

When historian Jaya Jones receives a mysterious package containing a jewel-encrusted artifact from India, sent by her ex-lover the same day he died in a supposed accident in the Highlands of Scotland, she discovers the secrets of a lost Indian treasure may be hidden in a Scottish legend from the days of the British Raj. But she's not the only one on the trail.

From San Francisco to London to the Highlands of Scotland, Jaya must evade a shadowy stalker as she follows hints from the hastily scrawled note of her dead lover to a remote archaeological dig. Helping her decipher the cryptic clues are her magician best friend, a devastatingly handsome art historian with something to hide, and a charming archaeologist running for his life.

Artifact is the first installment in the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery Series by award-winning author Gigi Pandian.

Seriously, I was lucky enough to read this book in advance. It's wonderful. Fans of Elizabeth Peters will love this book. It's got the mystery, the history, the romance, the danger and it all ties in to a fabulous, fabulous read.

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