Thursday, April 24, 2008

Brand New Day

My super smart and talented friend Sophie finally nagged, er, convinced me it was time to start blogging about writing. So here goes....

This is a test to see how the blog posts work. :) I love blogs. I'd heard about them for a few years, of course, but truly didn't want another time suck. Because as someone recently said...(didn't note who so I can't give proper credit--sorry!) blog reading is like potato chips, you can't eat just one.

Fortunately I use reading blogs as a reward when I've spent enough time in front of my laptop or gotten in enough words that I'm allowed a break. My boss is a b*tch. Oh, yeah, that would be me. :)


Sophie said...

Hey, I know your boss! And you're right, she's a *total* bitch ... :)

...but only when we need her to be! (like today when i really really needed that guidance.) The rest of the time she's as soft as a marshmallow.

You're going on my blogroll right now baby

Sophie said...

PS - are you kidding - that's a *great* title :)