Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jar of Hearts....Family Stone short story featuring Shane and Keisha

I'm working on the final edits for Shane and Keisha. Hopefully this short story will be out soon!! I am also going to release the entire Family Stone collection of novellas in one large box set ebook *and* in paperback!

I don't usually like short snippets from books. It's hard to capture the emotion and the context of a character in a few sentences. But I love this line from Jar of Hearts (in Shane's POV) and thought I'd share.

All his life, all he’d ever wanted to do was fly. Nothing had even come close to the high he got from being thousands of feet in the air. But standing on Keisha Johnson’s front porch had just come a close second.

Here's the blurb from Jar of Hearts:

Prickly Keisha Johnson has the hots for Shane Washington. But she’s not about to reveal her inner soft heart to the player pilot and open herself up to hurt, until a favor to their boss sends them undercover and under the covers. Can she trust his sensual attention or will he shatter her fragile heart?

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And don't worry if you've already read the first four, Jar of Hearts will be available as an individual download as well. I only send newsletters when I have a new release coming! Happy Spring!!! :) :)


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

Laissez le bons temps rouler!! Even if you aren't in crazy NOLA, enjoy today. Who doesn't love a good excuse to let loose?

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May you be the one to find the baby in the cake.... :) 


Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Daily Romance giveaway

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that I am participating in My Daily Romance blog's anniversary giveaway. The link to their site is Here

Covers of books being given away!!

I am in giveaway group one (if you are so inclined :) ) but there are three groups total with a ton of books!

Happy Reading!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Family Stone Boxed Set...Cover Reveal!

So the box set of the Family Stone novellas is coming soon!! Along with a bonus short story featuring Shane Washington and Keisha Johnson. Love these two. :) Below is the cover for the box set which will also be available in trade paperback in mid-March! :)

<3 p="">Lisa 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Still The One, Family Stone #4 Jack is here! To Celebrate, Stone Cold Heart, Family Stone #1 is FREE!

Hi all--
I'm happy to announce that Jack Stone's book, Still The One, is now on sale!!! So pleased that this book is finally released (a little late due to an unexpectedly dead laptop). Jack is the fourth book in the Family Stone series.

Jack Stone, oldest Stone sibling, is determined to keep his family strong. Family is everything. So he starts Global Humanitarian Relief and Stone Consulting to do some good and keep his family together. But when he has to team up with his old flame, Bliss, on a missing persons case, an evil threatens him, his family and the one woman he could never forget and doesn’t want to let go. Can these two former lovers put aside past hurts and heal their hearts?

And to celebrate Jack's release, Stone Cold Heart, Jess's book is FREE on Amazon and Kobo. (Sorry BN Nook users, BN will not price match :( :( )

So if you haven't picked up your copy of Stone Cold Heart yet, this is a good time to download for FREE!! :) Just a reminder that it really helps authors if you leave a review (good, bad, or meh) on websites. 

Thanks for all your support!! I hope you enjoy reading about the Stone siblings as much I enjoyed writing about them. :) 


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday with the Pens Fatales....

Just for fun....

Throwback Thursday--Pics of the Pens

Lisa, LGC, Adrienne with pal Trish

Rachael, Juliet, LGC & Gigi at Rachael's Book Launch!!

LGC, Juliet, Me, Gigi and Rachael!! Book Launch

Cocktails after the Launch

Juliet, Rachael, & Sophie at LGC Bday party

Adrienne and Martha with pals Alicia Rasley & Trish Cetrone at LGC Bday

Juliet, LGC, Rachael & Adrienne at LGC Bday

Pal Cyndy Rymer with Lisa and Adrienne at LGC Bday 

Happy Throwback Thursday!!


Saturday, January 25, 2014

interview and giveaway at Fab Fantasy Fiction

Hi all--
Emsy over at Fab Fantasy Fiction interviewed me this weekend. If you want more insight into the development of the Family Stone series and characters, head on over to her website.


If you answer one small question: What's your favorite philanthropy (and why if you care to share)? You will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win all three Family Stone Novellas, Stone Cold Heart, Carved in Stone, and Heart of Stone. You can enter until February 2nd.

Happy Weekend!!